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6 Interesting Facts About Challenge Coin

By Ryan | Misc

facts about challenge coin


​Challenge coins have an exciting and interesting history. Commonly used by military organizations, challenge coins provide a portable and a visible, reminder for military members.

Though their origins are debatable, they are believed to have started in the US Army Air Service. They are used as a symbol of belonging and a perfect gift. A challenge coin has been handed down and revered for generations.

Most importantly, they’re used as a perfect reminder of a remarkable event in life. An organization or a community can use the coin to recognize the best performers.

Being an essential tool means that these coins play a big role when it comes to recruiting new members in the military. For better understanding make a step forward and find out more about the history of the challenge coins. 

Here are surprising facts you need to know.

​They Hold Sentimental and Monetary Value

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​When you’re trying to skim the challenge coins meaning, you’ll find awesome things about them.

One surprising fact is that they're incredibly valuable collector's items. If you get a challenge coin from a special military unit, then know they're valuable.

They can easily go for thousands of dollars. The coin holds a sentimental value, hence very important to collectors. They remind them of the sacrifices that they gave for their countrymen. Debating about the coin with a veteran makes him feel recognized.

In fact, he feels excited when explaining his time in the navy or army. Therefore, the coins act as a wonderful tool to express thanks to veterans.

It Can Be Used as ​A Recruiting Tool

​Military organizations and secret societies often use challenge coins to recruit new members. 

This is applicable in both the military and organizations. The challenge coin with the logo and symbols of an organization sends a clear message that ‘you're one of us.' This is done through a secret handshake.

Also, this activity provides an avenue for individuals to acknowledge his or her achievements. Having been a symbolic representation of alliances, challenge coins to ensure the best recruitment efforts. They are vital, even in society.

​Used to Boost Morale

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​This is a primary purpose of challenge coins.

The coins themselves are not only attractive, but also unique. They give the holder a sense of pride and belonging.

Since the coins are used as awards and medals, they boost the morale of people concerned. In the military, they are granted to military personnel to recognize their courage, sacrifice, and strategy.

Moreover, other organizations can use them to encourage their members. For instance, the fire department can be awarded the coins as one way of appreciating their outstanding services. Just like the military, they serve the same function to ensure safety.

If this is the case, the holder gains self-confidence and self-esteem to perform a particular activity.

They Can Save Lives!

This sound fantastic! Believe in me that challenge coins can be used to save lives.

It’s no secret that quite a number of veterans suffer serious emotional consequences during their times. They deal with anxiety, night terrors, depression, PTSD and other terrible difficult setbacks including addiction.

Commonly, the incredible thing about these coins is that they help to restore and save lives. The special editions of challenge coins are now made with a yellow ribbon.

This is a symbol of suicide prevention. Normally, when a veteran show a friend or a family member the coin, then it is a sign he needs someone to talk to.

With this, they can get any assistance they need. Regardless of anything, these people can deal with such stressful situations.

​They Commemorate Civilian Events

​Today, military challenge coins are no longer tied to conflict and war.

Many companies use them to recognize the achievements of their staff members.

Because the cost to produce them has decreased, the coins can be used to commemorate civilian events. A good example is a family reunion or a stage trip.

You now find unique custom logos from corporations, social clubs, and organization around the challenge coin world. This time, they're used to honor people who win and reach a special executive.

They Have Multiple Meanings

At first, challenge coins were used only by military members. But now, challenge coin story evolving.

The use has now spread to nonprofit firms, volunteer organizations, and political groups. They are also applicable within the corporate sector. You'll find coins being used to recognize employees’ achievement.

Don’t be surprised, just know that they’re used to unite a group. Additionally, classmates are given the coin upon graduation. If you're planning to celebrate your milestone, look for a challenge coin. It's an excellent move.

​It's good to appreciate a veteran, winner, members of an organization or a coworker. But what can you do to achieve this? The best answer is a challenge coin. It may serve as phenomena collector's items.

The coins can also prevent suicide, pressure and save lives. Don't forget that the coin serves as a recruiting tool. Above all, veterans in your area can easily connect and unite using coins. 

Hope this article helped you understand more about the facts of challenge coins.


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