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The Search for the Best Business Backpack That Suits You

By Ryan | Gear & Stuff

best business backpack

Many people must be wondering which is the best business backpack and how are they possibly going to choose the right product for them? There is nothing more disappointing than choosing a product online, waiting for it to arrive. Then when that moment comes you find it has some feature that doesn't work for you. 


In this article I will break down some of the most important features that you need to consider when choosing a business backpack.

I have also chosen six excellent products for you to consider and highlighted some of the best features of each product.

Read on...

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Important Features of a Business Backpack

I would like to discuss some of the important features that your new business backpack will have and how to choose the right backpack for YOU.

Considering the features below will help you to choose the backpack that will be the best business backpack for you. The last thing you want to do is to invest in a backpack that then turns out to not suit you and your particular situation. 

best business backpack promo


Below are a few values that you should be seeking in a business backpack.


best business backpack front


Let's be honest you really don't want to show up to work in your best suit with a "backpacky" looking backpack. To most people backpack might summon up visions of a large probably grotty, huge backpack overflowing with stuff, that has traveled around the world several times. Not the look you want at work.

Ideally a business backpack will be smart and go with whatever you wear to work, from your smartest clothes to your most casual work attire.

All the products I have highlighted below are black or grey. Really this is the safest and most flexible colour.

Of course, you might work in a trendy art gallery and in that case, you may opt for a colourful bag. In the end you have to choose what suits you the most.


best business backpack organize


Very importantly you need to be able to organize what you are carrying to work. There is nothing worse than fishing around in your business backpack for hours looking for something you need urgently!

At the same time, you don't want a million tiny pockets that don't fit what you want to take with you. Or so many compartments you can never remember what you have put where.

When considering organization it is worthwhile looking for a bag that has a balance of large and medium compartments, along with some smaller pockets but not TOO many of those.

I find it helpful to get everything together that you need to take to and from work and lay them all out. Then you have an idea of the different sizes and shapes of the items you need to carry in your business backpack.


best business backpack durability


When buying the best business backpack, you also want to know that your purchase is going to last. It must be something that you can use it a lot and will not wear out quickly. After all, we work five days a week (or more).This bag needs to be hardcore, not just only for the weekend.


best business backpack security


You will need to take various valuable items with you to work. Laptop, other electrical devices, your phone, money, wallet and so on. 

The ideal bag is going to protect those items from theft, or getting lost (falling out etc) but also render those essential items accessible for you when you need them most.


best business backpack price


Everyone has a budget and therefore, price has to be considered. Going for a quality product is by far the best approach to take when choosing your business backpack. After all you don't want it to fray, fall apart or simply not function well because it is badly made. However, a good quality product for a competitive price is always going to be a bonus!


best business backpack comfort


The business backpack that you choose should be comfortable. Most people will be facing a commute of some kind to get to work or to business meetings. Or even longer journeys to conferences abroad. You are likely to have a fair number of heavy items in your business backpack so you need it to wear comfortably. So pay attention to the padding and the straps.

​Take a look at our detailed guide on choosing the backpack size for maximum comfort.

Your Personal Quirks

best business backpack quirk


Importantly you need to consider the features that really matter to you personally. Every person is different. Every job is different. Perhaps you have some particular need that is niche to your line of work.

Consider the particulars of your commute.

If you cycle to work a comfy backpack will be extra important. Or you are commuting on the train and want easy access to your headphones? Or perhaps you are an architect and want to make sure your drawings can be kept clean and undamaged?

In short, a business backpack should be able to carry the important items YOU need it to. So, let's proceed to next section.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself ​When Choosing The Best Business Backpack

Besides the features above, you should bear in mind things specific to you. Spend a few minutes these questions to find out what you want before making a purchase

  • How are you going to use your business backpack? Just to get to work and back? To off-site client meetings? To conferences abroad?
  • Do you commute? If so how? Is it a long way? Are you likely to be exposed to difficult weather? If you cycle might you need to carry your suit with you?
  • How much do you work at home? Are you going to be carrying a lot of documents to and from work? Or do you just need to carry main items like a packed lunch, your laptop, a notebook, a few pens?
  • What about meetings? Do you travel to meetings out of the office? Or have meetings with clients outside the office? Are there any specific items you might need with you for those meetings? For example, an architect may want a tape measure. Other professionals might want a calculator. You might need a handy accessible place for a memory stick?
  • What about high value items? You want them convenient but also, secure. You need to consider how the business backpack is going to accommodate your valuables.

The Top 6 Business Backpack Nominees

We’ve picked out six containers that will cover the majority, if not all, of the values above, to provide you with a list of solid insulated food containers to take on your next and future camping trips with you.

best business backpack 1

From Amazon

This high-quality backpack has a lifetime guarantee and I can well believe it. The bag feels solid and well made. A backpack for sure but the style is still classy. The black outside is perfect for use in a business setting, the orange inside stands out for the little rebel in all of us.

This bag has some very clever design features; such as the removable compartment at the bottom of the bag for all your electrical cords. There are lots of pockets of different sizes and shapes. For a slightly ditzy person you are going to forget what you put where, but for people who like to be very "uber" organized this bag might just be your dream come true. 

It's easy find the perfect place for everything. This bag is a good choice for business travelers with the useful feature of "luggage pass through handles" that work vertically or horizontally. 

The backpack has a slim design so this is not for carting large volumes of office equipment with you, but for a day backpack for carrying all the essentials the eBag is a good choice.


  • High Quality.
  • Original Design. 
  • Slim.
  • Ideal for Organizers. 
  • Removable Compartment for Cables. 
  • Lots of Pockets/ Compartments. 


  • Expensive.
  • There could be a few too many pockets
best business backpack 2

From Amazon

I like this business backpack. The bags style is understated, simple and functional. The design looks smart and will fit in an office, yet the bag is not overly formal either. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to carry, excellent for those with a long commute. Perhaps adding a chest strap would improve that further.

There is a nice balance of three compartments within which are various pockets of different sizes to fit phones, wallets, keys and so on. A feature which would be valuable for those commuting through a busy city are the two-way anti-theft dual zippers and the special back compartment for the laptop which is difficult to access for a thief.

Please note : This is a SLIM bag, large laptops are not going to fit. If you are making a city commute and you are carrying the business basics with you (not the whole office) this bag should be an excellent choice.


  • Smart Design. 
  • Ergonomic. 
  • Slim.
  • Budget Friendly. 
  • Anti-Theft Features


  • Not suitable if you have a lot to carry
best business backpack 3


This bag is not as sleek as the Uoobag, but you are going to fit more into it and the SwissGear brand oozes quality and reliability. Not to mention the competitive price for the backpack, this will make a good choice if you are on a budget.

It isn't a slim bag so you can fit up to a 17-inch laptop inside. If you are taking a large laptop between work and home then the capacity could make this bag a good choice for you. 

The design is simple with three compartments and minimal busy little pockets, yet there are functional small pockets and a handy key ring in the outside pocket, which is good for organization. 

The bag does look to be comfortable but it can hold quite a lot so will get heavier. I think it could do with better straps and padding to ensure comfort.

Perhaps not the best choice for long city commutes. For those of you who travel overseas for business then you will appreciate the airport friendly laptop compartment that can open to a flat position.


  • Smart Design. 
  • Large Capacity. 
  • Budget Friendly. 
  • Air Travel Friendly Features. 
  • Accommodates large Laptop.


  • The Style is not that formal
best business backpack 4


This Kopack bag looks very stylish and comes in a nice bright red (as well as classic black and grey), for those of you wanting to make a style statement at the office. There is a handy anti-theft pocket for your wallet or smartphone, located at the base of your back. This feature will be useful in busy cities.

The bag will fit laptops up to 17 inches. The straps are wide and well-padded, which will make the bag comfortable for those doing a long commute (another ergonomic design). The size of the bag is also suitable for those professionals or students who are carrying quite a lot. 

A handy feature for music lovers is the hidden headphone hole so you can listen discreetly while you walk or ride on the underground.

The bag is well thought out with a pocket for the laptop in the back compartment then room to pack other items in front of the laptop. If you have a lot of things to carry with, and you want to do so in an organized way then I think this bag will make a good choice. 


  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Anti- Theft. 
  • Budget Friendly. 
  •  Well Designed Compartments.
  •  Headphone hole


  • Could do with a chest strap and more padding.
best business backpack 5


The Thule business backpack is not a budget option, however, the well-made and well thought out design of the backpack could well make this bag the best choice for you. The style doesn't look sleek, but I think it is still formal enough for the office environment. Grey colour with blue highlights catches my eyes. 

There is a laptop compartment in the rear of the backpack which can fit a 15-inch laptop. There is also a neckline back pocket for your phone and sunglasses which is convenient and difficult for a thief to access. There is a nice balance of pockets without having SO MANY pockets you can't remember where anything is.

This is not a heavy-duty bag in terms of how much you can put inside, so this is not the choice for business travelers. Rather this bag would be a good choice for people making a light/ medium commute with a small/medium number of things they need to be carrying with them.


  • High Quality. 
  • Stylish. 
  • Considered Design. 
  • Anti-Theft Features. 
  • Slim


  • Expensive. 
  • Comparatively a Casual Style.
best business backpack 6


This budget bag is a very good design with a mind boggling 15 pockets and a place for everything. Anyone who needs to carry a lot with them is going to find this backpack useful.

There are Anti-Theft features which are helpful for anyone commuting in cities, or traveling abroad for business. For example, the hidden laptop compartment can be locked.

The style is a bit boring in my opinion but that does make it very flexible, it could be used in a very wide range of situations by people from many walks of life. I think this bag gives you a lot for your money.

There are nice little design features that show the design is well thought through – such as a strap to hold the water bottle in place, earphone hole, and duel zipper. As a backpack that is designed to hold a lot of things thankfully the straps are well designed ergonomically so carrying all that stuff should be comfortable too!

Somehow, despite all the excellent features and very competitive price I find I can't get that excited about it. I would love to see a bit of character in the style then for sure this would be a winner for me!


  • Budget Friendly. 
  • Ergonomic Design. 
  • High Capacity. 
  • Anti-Theft Features. 
  • Well Designed.


  • Definitely TOO many pockets (especially if you are a little forgetful). 
  • Style not very inspiring.

The Winner is....?

While I think all the six bags above are excellent choices for the best business backpack, one in particular stole my heart.
The eBag has to be my personal favourite because of the style and excellent design.

Which would be your choice? Do you have another nominee you think we should have considered? Do you have any of these bags – when were they most useful? Let us know in the comments section. Look forward to hearing from you all!


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