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Top 6 Best Hanging Toiletry Bags for Every Trip

By Ryan | Gear & Stuff

best hanging toiletry bags


Toiletry bags are a necessity for travelling. Without them many a trip would be spoiled, with shampoos, deodorants or toothpaste plastered across your entire luggage. What’s better than a toiletry bag is a hanging toiletry bag. One which can be left on a hook whilst you’re showering or doing your morning routine.

Before your next trip then, ensure you’ve got the best hanging toiletry bag for the job. Using our guide, you’ll be able to identify what separates a good bag from a bad one. We’ll outline the values you should be looking for, as well as offering you six of the best hanging toiletry bags to contemplate.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What To Look For When Buying A Best Hanging Toiletry Bag


water resistant


First off, a hanging toiletry bag should be water-resistant. When you’re showering or washing in the bathroom, you’re likely to splash your bag with water. If your bag is not waterproof, liquids could get into your bag and mix with your toiletry or transfer onto your toothbrush, or other non-liquid based products.

Equally, you could find your luggage goes through baggage control with an extra energetic handler, meaning your toiletry may break inside your bag. If your toiletry bag is water-resistant it keeps any spills from your toiletry from seeping through your bag out into the rest of your luggage.




As well as being water-resistant, your toiletry bag should be made of breathable materials where possible, or at least have breathability designed into them. After brushing teeth or showering, your used products are likely to be wet. The longer they stay wet, the more potential there is for mould to form on any fabrics or materials that attract it, this could be toothbrush handles or cloths.

Breathable material toiletry bags let the water which could get trapped inside evaporate.

Durable Handle

durable handle


The last thing you want to happen when you’re travelling is for your hanging toiletry bag’s handle to snap off mid shower because it wasn’t made of strong enough material, or wasn’t reinforced at the seams.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by ensuring your chosen toiletry bag is a high quality piece with tough materials, particularly the handle, and that the seams are reinforced around stress points of the bag – usually around the handle.




When you’re travelling and carrying all of your things either in a suitcase or a backpack, the weight can be a drag. Keeping control of weight in luggage is tackled by keeping individual items as lightweight as possible. This goes for toiletry bags as well.

It’s hard to have too much control over the weight of what goes into your toiletry bag, but you can at least make sure the bag itself is as lightweight as possible. Either check the listed product weight if you are buying online, or get a feel for the weight of the bag if you are buying it in person.

Has Compartments



A compartmentalised toiletry bag is very important, particularly if you are planning a long trip. Keeping items such as your toothbrush away from potentially hazardous liquids that could either spill or seep out of their containers could save you from becoming ill.

This also goes for keeping products that might spoil from contact with water separate from those that come into regular contact with water such as soap, toothbrushes or shower gel. Items that might spoil could be metallic, like grooming kits which could rust after too much exposure to water.




Aside from the weight of the toiletry bag, it is also preferable that it folds into as compact a shape as possible. Similarly to needing to ensure weight reduction is kept in mind, space saving is also important. Since you can’t take many liquid toiletry on to a flight in hand or cabin luggage, you must ensure your toiletry are kept in your checked luggage.

Making sure your toiletry bag takes up as little space as possible in your luggage, gives you more room for other items you may wish or need to take on your trip.

Smart Design

smart design


Although you’re not likely to be carrying your toiletry bag too often, it’s still worth making sure it’s comfortable for when you are. The design of the bag should be suitable for carrying around as well as hanging.

Smaller features like zips or seals should be well designed also. It would be no use for your zip or Velcro seal to break after a week of travelling for all of your things to then either be precariously hanging out of the bag, or worse, fall out.

Check Out Our Top Six Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

There are of course thousands of options for hanging toiletry bags on the market. Using the above criteria you should be able to find a trustworthy toiletry bag for your travel preferences, but to help you out we’ve listed six bags that suit our own ideals.

The six toiletry bags we’ve listed have been chosen based on the above values. We’ve selected a range of unisex options as well as a male oriented choice and a female oriented choice.

best hanging toiletry bag Freegrace Premium Toiletry Bag


Unisex hanging toiletry bag available in multiple colours for all style preferences. Interesting upside down T shape when open which makes the contents very easy to get to as well as fold back up when done.


  • Cleverly designed with both fold down and fold out pouches and storage. This helps with compacting the toiletry bag.
  • Outer material is water-resistant and inner netting for storage is super breathable.
  • Upside down T shape when unfolded making all products easily accessible when washing.
  • Lightweight material means the bag doesn’t increase total weight very heavily.
  • Comfortable carry handle for easy transportation when not in luggage.
  • Metal hanger and reinforced material dock make for durable hanging and long lasting use.
Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer  best hanging toiletry bag


The ideal option for female travellers with appealing velvet-esque design and separate compartments big enough for all forms of toiletry and cosmetics.

Price is reasonable for the quality of the product.


  • Strong design makes this Vera Bradley hanging organizer an excellent choice for the female traveller.
  • Metal hanger is attached to a strong, durable slot which will last trip after trip.
  • Visually pleasing all-black, velvet-style design means the bag is eye catching as well as functional.
  • Price seems steep, but for the quality of the product is definitely worth it.
  • Numerous separate compartments make this bag ideal for storing all forms of toiletry from hygienic to cosmetics.
  • Carry handle is an ergonomically considered design making it a comfortable bag to carry as well as an ideal hanger.
  • The ‘roll out’ design means that all of your toiletry are within reach once the bag is hanging, making it super convenient when showering or going through your morning routine.
  • A number of pouches are lined with plastic, making them waterproof whilst others are lined with breathable materials.
  • Both lightweight and streamlined design makes the bag a great travel companion.
hanging toiletry bag to buy Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag


A men’s hanging toiletry bag with a classy design with high quality, water-resistant and easy-to-clean materials such as leather. Prices is good for the durability and quality.


  • Classy leather design with canvas lined inner ensures durability as well as water-resistance and breathability of the highest order.
  • Double stitched docking tag and metal hook make for durable and secure hanging capabilities which will last for years.
  • Lifetime guarantee makes sure that if the design does fail on you the company vows to reimburse you for your troubles.
  • Price is very reasonable for the craftmanship involved.
  • Folds out flat to 180 degrees, making it ideal for accessing toiletry whilst showering.
  • Comfortable leather handle for easy carry.
  • Streamlined foldable design makes the case easy to pack in your luggage.
hanging toiletry bag review Green Venture Hanging Toiletry Bag


A toiletry bag with multiple colourways means there’s a choice for all style preferences. Multiple storage pouches and pockets makes for an ideal bag to keep items separate. The price is also very good.


  • Traditional rectangular design makes this bag perfect for storing in either a suitcase or rucksack.
  • Numerous storage options, with ultra breathable inner linings and water-resistant materials and designs means your products can be separated and likelihood of being spoiled is reduced.
  • Price is very good value for money.
  • Multiple colourways of grey/blue, black/beige and pink/grey offer options for all personal style preferences.
  • Metal hanging hook is durable as is its docking tag attached to the toiletry bag, ensuring peace of mind for multiple use.
  • Handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable carry.
  • Bag opens out 180 degrees, making items easy to reach when showering or undergoing your morning routine.
Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag hanging toiletry bag


Water-resistant materials and satchel-esque design come together with a unisex style available in multiple colours. The low price makes this a great option for those with a tighter budget.


  • Multiple options for colour means it’s an ideal purchase for multiple style preferences.
  • Satchel style opening is surprisingly accommodating for access and provides a base for products to remain upright.
  • Water-resistant and breathable materials save products from spoiling.
  • Plastic hanger in a durable docking should last many a trip, although perhaps the plastic will offer less durability than metal.
  • Multiple separators and pouches to keep incompatible toiletry apart from one another.
  • Lightweight materials ensure that the total weight of your luggage is minimal.
  • Price is very reasonable for all budgets.
best hanging toiletry 7Senses Hanging Toiletry Bag


Water-resistant materials and satchel-esque design come together with a unisex style available in multiple colours. The low price makes this a great option for those with a tighter budget.


  • Compacted design makes packing this toiletry bag very easy in all baggage types.
  • Water-resistant materials make sure your products are kept as dry as possible.
  • Breathable netting for the interior keeps your products aerated and reduces the chance of mildew or rust.
  • 180 degree fold out design with basal pouch for larger items like shampoos and conditioners ensures easy access to all toiletry during showering or other routines.
  • Plastic hook and plastic attachment offer durable support in addition to a well embroidered dock. The plastic could become a problem after a large number of uses with heavy contents.
  • With the low price,it’s the most economical option on our list.
  • Lightweight design in order to help keep your total luggage weight down.

And The Winner Is...?

And now, all that’s left is to announce which of these I would take along on my next trip.

At number six in our list is the 7Senses unisex hanging toiletry bag. Although an excellent choice for travellers on a budget, the main potential issue that drops it behind the rest of the contenders on our list is the plastic hanger and support. This is a lot less durable than metal options and will likely wear down or snap quicker than the other products with metal hangers.

Coming in at number five is the Bago unisex option. For similar reasons to the 7Senses bag, we feel the plastic hanger doesn’t offer quite as much durability over the long term. Although both will offer you enough strength for a few trips and their prices are very tempting.

The Green Venture unisex hanging toiletry bag sits at number four in our list. It ticks all the boxes and thanks to its price starting so low and having a metal hanger over a plastic one, it comes up trumps on both 7Senses and Bago.

Number three is our male oriented option. The Vetelli hanging toiletry bag. Its stunning looks and water-proofing and breathability make it an ideal choice for the travelling man out there. The only thing keeping it from the top two is it’s slightly bulkier than other options.

Vera Bradley’s organizer sits pretty at number two. Our female-oriented choice provides everything you could possibly need in a compact and lightweight form. With this and water-resistant and breathable materials it makes for the ideal travel companion. It’ll surely last a large number of trips thanks to its durability too. An excellent pick for any female traveller.

So, that means the winner is the Freegrace Hanging Toiletry Bag. It’s excellently designed to unfold into a T shape, meaning it compacts much easier than other products on the list. It’s both water-resistant and breathable, as well as having a tough and durable hanger. It’s comfortable to carry and with a low starting price makes it excellent value for money.

If you have any suggestions for hanging toiletry bags, or anything else you’d like to share, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Looking for the best hanging toiletry bag? Look no more, as this guide will show you how to get the perfect hanging toiletry bag for your trip.


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