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20 Useful Tricks to Eating Healthy When You Hit the Road

By Ryan | Tips

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You have just managed to get your diet right, and adopted it as a part of your everyday life, and you have just found out you are about to travel.

Whether it is business or leisure, as the trip itself isn’t hard enough, you have to continue your diet, and stay healthy and energized all the time. You are going to need energy for the long walks, or for the exhausting meeting!

There are a lot of tricks, adopted by healthy people who travel a lot, and also athletes who find themselves on the road often, tricks that will help you make the best of the trip, and not exhaust yourself, tricks that will help you feel healthy, fresh and rested during your whole trip.

20 Useful Tricks to Eating Healthy When You Hit the Road

For Breakfast

#1 - What many people do when traveling is starting it poorly, because the first day, regardless if it as one day or longer trip, is most often the most stressful, so a lot tend to skip breakfast, and eat at the airport, some free snack or coffee. Trick number 1, always prepare early, make your breakfast before you go to bed, and eat before you leave. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it. Nothing on the road is going to change your whole grain bread sandwich!

#2 - For breakfast you should have high protein food, like eggs and mushrooms, but also choose wisely, don’t get fed up by the pepperoni, no matter how good they look. This way you get energized, prepared and ready for the day.

#3 - Look for hotels with breakfast included, this way you save a lot, having a good hotel buffet is priceless, plus you don’t bother if there are good places to eat nearby, which takes a lot of time, and nerves too.

On the Road

#4 - Inform yourself on the places you’re about to visit, this can save a lot of time, an also a lot of money. Now there is an app for almost every town, and you can find all sort of info from the locals directly, where and what to eat.

#5 - Pack up for the road, choose healthy snacks, such as whole grain bars, oatmeal, canned salmon, and save money on combo packs. This way you’ll never get hungry, and you won’t spend a lot on restaurants. 

(Free tip, choose a hotel with a mini-bar in the room, and use it for your food!).

#6 - Carry a reusable water bottle, especially in you are flying (you have to empty your bottle), and also don’t forget a small toothbrush and toothpaste, you cannot have too much dental hygiene. Make your travel kit long before you go on a trip.

Tip: Carry a small thermos, and fill it with coffee during your breakfast in your hotel, saves time and money! 

#7 - If you are traveling and camping or hiking, don’t forget to pack on electrolytes and small sugar concentrates. These two can be a lifesaver! Dried fruit is also excellent, since you don’t have to store it in cold. Cans would also do just fine for days!

#8 - Watch your carbs, but the opposite way, you might need them a lot. Chocolate bar would do the trick, but there are a lot of healthier alternatives, such as nutria bars, packed with almonds, honey, no added sugar, various nuts, oat, practically all that your body needs. 

#9 - Eating in some restaurants abroad for the first time is fun, but also risky. If not well researched, this can be potentially poisonous, so stick to salads, and if not completely sure of the origin, avoid fish meals.

#10 - Traveling by car is always easier, precook your favorite food, and carry a mini fridge with you. This way you can stop anytime and anywhere and have your meal, safe and tasty. Plus, it is much cheaper than the alternative, which on the highway is often fast food, hence also much healthier.

eat healthy travel

Things To Avoid

#11 - Avoid carbonated drinks. They will eventually slow you down because of the sugar in them, plus your belly will bloat, and you will have to look for the toilet more often!

#12 - And no alcohol, at least not during the day, when you need all the power you can get. Plus alcohol will dehydrate you, and you don’t want that on the road. At the evening, you can booze up a bit, but if you have to get up early, be sure it is really just a bit. 

#13 - Avoid fast-food, because of some many obvious reasons. And don’t despair, there are so many healthy alternatives, just check online, you’ll be amazed, from tacos to pizza, vegan, workout, healthy places are popular now, and they show up like mushrooms everywhere!

How To Eat Right

#14 - Eat less and more often, don’t fill your belly to the max, it will only get you tired early in the day. Small portions every 2-3 hours will keep you fresh all the time, even a pack of almonds or nuts will be enough for a whole day, as snacks of course.

#15 - Vegetables and fruits, be sure to NOT forget about them, at least one apple with breakfast, and colorful salad during lunch. Plus, you can carry powdered greens, and mix them with water, it is not as tasteful, but it will get the work done. And already mentioned, dry fruit, just for every occasion.

#16 - Use supplements every time you can, protein powder, vitamins, minerals etc. Being on the road can make you forgettable because of all the things you have to do, but stick to your plan, especially if you are working out, don’t miss your supplement routine.

Tip: look upfront for a gym near your stay, it might come in handy!

#17 - Prepare freshly squeezed juices from veggies and fruits, and store them in 0,5 L bottles. If you are traveling on the ground, you should find space for at least 4 of these, they should be enough for at least 3 days.

Tip: take a small thermo bag, cool you juices, and store them in it, it will keep them cold for the day.

#18 - If you are going for meat, choose lean meat, chicken, fish and smart choices of steak, which are filled with protein, but low on fat, getting hungry might fool you to cheat big, so have discipline.

#19 - Have a big lunch rather than big dinner, this way you will have a chance to burn some of the calories you’ve entered in your body, while after dinner, you will only get a chance to go to bed, assuming you had a tiresome day traveling or working.

#20 - The best for last, or the most essential for every road – water! It is of utmost importance you stay hydrated all the time, you will walk a lot, wait a lot, drive a lot, and there is a big chance you will simply forget about drinking water, so plan some sort of a reminder, don’t always wait to get really thirsty, have a bottle with you all the time.

Tip: Carry an ice tea bag or powder, and add it to your water, it is quite refreshing.


I hope this list provides you useful tips to stay healthy while travelling. Because it's such a pity that you get sick on the road and not be able to enjoy the trip.

Do you know more tips about this topic? Do you want to share with us? Please do it in the comment below!

Bon voyage.


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