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Great Reasons To Bike Ride While Traveling The World

By Ryan | Misc

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​Traveling to different parts of the world is such an amazing thing to experience. Learning different cultures and seeing amazing views in person are things that most people put in their bucket lists when traveling to any part of the world. To be able to experience this is such a privilege and of course, you would want to get the best out of the traveling experience.

When traveling abroad, getting around the new place or city can be difficult especially when there’s a language barrier. Because of this, you need to find a way to penetrate this barrier and get to experience what the country you’re planning to visit to has to offer. One way of doing this is to ride a bike.

Here are the reasons why using a bike around a new city is great for you:

​#1 - Sensory Experience

​When you travel abroad, your priority is to see as much of the city as you can. When you use a bicycle to travel to and fro, you won’t be confined in a space that blocks the view.

Instead, you’ll be exposed to the view, the air and the noise of the city. Thus, it’ll be quite the sensory experience.

​#2 - No Traffic

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​Traffic is such a big problem especially when you travel to a city popular with tourists. If you use a bike, traffic will not be a problem for you.

A bike is small enough to zip through the cars and not be stuck in the traffic. You can even use the back alleys instead of the roads to get to where you want.

You can use a bike lane for cities that have them, too. Going to places where roads are narrow is also possible especially if you’re using a bike that’s durable.

Visiting a website, like BikeSmarts, can give you an idea of what bike to use for any trip you’re planning.

​#3 - It’s Healthy

​Tourists often indulge in food when on vacation to taste the authentic cuisines of the city they’re visiting. So, oftentimes, staying in shape can be difficult.

If you use a bike to go around, it doubles as your mode of transportation and exercise. It keeps you healthy even if you try all the food you like while traveling.

​#4 - Environment-friendly

​Cars or other modes of transportation that emits carbon in the environment is never a good choice environmentally.

On the other hand, the benefit of using bikes is that has no carbon footprint. They don't burn fuel, instead, it burns your fat, which frankly, is a good thing whoever you ask.

​#5 - You Are Your Own Tour Guide

The problem with doing tours on vacation is that the stops you make are scheduled. Your tour guides are the ones who are in charge of choosing where to stop and the time that would be spent in that said place.

However, if you’re using a bike while looking around, you can stop anytime and any place whenever you see a great view and want to take photos. You will also decide how long you want to stay. You are your own tour guide and you can make detours if you like.

​#6 - It’s Fun

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​Traveling to different cities of the world is already fun in itself. But, traveling using a bike to see the sites of the city is even more fun, especially if you do it with a lot of other people.

You can enjoy the company of friends as you bike around the city and see even the most remote parts of the city since bikes can go to even the most narrow roads. You not only see the cities but you can also feel and smell the city, a multi-sensory experience.

#7 - It’s Inexpensive

Renting a bike or buying one is not that expensive and you won’t have extra expenses on top of it.

Unlike riding a taxi when traveling, the costs can add up since you’ll be riding a taxi not once but a lot of times. Renting a car also costs more since you also have to buy fuel to be able to use it.

​#8 -  You Can Take Your Time

The best thing about using a bike when traveling the world is that you’re your own boss when it comes to time management of the trip.

Thus, you can take your time to any place you stopover for picture taking. You can take your time on when to start going around and you can take spontaneous side trips if you like.


​There are a lot of tour-offers in any city and you can choose whether to sign up and join or not.


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