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How To Wear A Money Belt (Inconspicuously)

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Are you forever wondering how to carry your valuables when out and about in the mean streets?

In this ‘How to’ article, we show you how to wear a handful of examples of sleek and well hidden valuables receptacles, so that you can roam the most crowded of city streets, without worries.

Money belts are an essential travel tool: when carrying wads of cash, important documents or expensive electronics.

It’s imperative that you keep them safe and secure, out of the reach of nifty fingered opportunists.

The key to a good pouch or belt is discretion. If you’re wearing a clunky belt or pouch, you may as well be sporting a big arrow with neon lights which exclaims ‘TAKE MY STUFF, IT’S ALL HERE!’

Below is your guide on how to get fashion hidden wearables no matter what your attire:

Option #1: On The Torso

The Classic Money Belt

how to wear a money belt


Bum-bag, fanny-pack or simply, money belt – whatever you call it, it’s definitely the original in carrying valuables close to your body.

Usually not known for being the most discreet of options. Not the case with this choice. Super slim, waterproof and breathable, it’s an excellent choice for all conditions, so long as you’re wearing at least a t-shirt. Your valuables will be out of sight and won’t show off any more of a bulge than your overindulgence at an all-you-can-eat buffet might.

How to wear: Clip securely around your midriff with the pouch facing forward, underneath a t-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, dress, or any other garment that covers your abdomen.

Travel Bra

How To Wear a Money Belt Travel Bra

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Keep your cards close to your chest, as the old adage goes.

If you happen to be a female of the species, this option is a fairly ideal one as it kills two birds with one stone (don’t worry, gents, there’s plenty of options for you too).

These travel bras with hidden pockets and pouches are a perfect security option as you don’t need to pack or carry external valuables pouches.

There’s even a choice of styles and colours available, avoiding potential monotony and hygiene issues.

How to wear: The same method as a traditional bra, and wear under similar clothing as the classic money belt.

Option #2: Neck

Neck Pouch

how to wear a money belt neck pouch


Our pick of the bunch! A firm favourite among travelers, the neck pouch comes in various forms: waterproof, theft-proof, etc. and are available in a number of styles.

Simple, lightweight, and big enough to store all of your important items in an easy access form, this is the ultimate travel companion.

The neck pouch is also easily foldable and can fit almost anywhere in your backpack or luggage if you should want to leave it behind in your accommodation.

How to wear: Worn around the neck, with the pouch itself tucked under a shirt or t-shirt etc. The cord is usually designed to replicate a necklace and can be further disguised with other neck accessories.


how to wear a money belt scarf


When in colder climes, this wrap around neck scarf provides plentiful storage space for money and even electronics, bamboozling any would-be pick-pocket in one of the more unexpected areas to be stashing your cash.

And where could possibly be easier for you to access than at neck height?

This option is also a more fashionable choice than others we’ve listed, with multiple hues to choose from, it can be worn with any outfit.

The only pitfalls are that it’s not the best choice for warmer locations, and isn’t as compact as other security accessories.

How to wear: Around the neck, as a scarf or as a shawl.

Option #3: Leg And Feet

Leg Wallet

how to wear a money belt leg wear


Up there as one of our more inconspicuous money storage options. The leg wallet is similar to the neck pouch in its arrangement, with zipper pockets and pouches.

An excellent option for traveling from one location to another, but less than practical if you need to access your valuables at an airport or border crossing, or you need to pay for goods or services due to its location inside a trouser/pant leg.

How to wear: Inside the trouser leg, strapped around either your thigh or shin.

Security Socks

how to wear a money belt security socks


The phrase ‘pull your socks up’ springs to mind, as you will actually have to in order to store anything larger than a rolled up bank note in this money holding option. That’s right, it’s a sock with pockets!

Barely a pick-pocket on earth is likely to wish to bend down and investigate your walking tour and mountain-hike endured feet for a few spare dollars.

Perhaps this is the most fool-proof security choice on the market? Either way, it’s a sure fire way of keeping hold of your money, bank cards and any important documentation.

Downsides include looking rather suspicious when turning up at passport control and bending down to reach your documents.

How to wear: As with usual socks, over your feet.

Option #4: Belt And Below


how to wear a money belt underwear


So, it turns out you can literally store your valuables anywhere. Inarguably the most private of money storage solutions that we’ve picked, you can now stow valuables in your underwear! Tell us that’s not impressive?

With a number of pockets, in theory this should be no less comfortable than having your things in your trouser pocket. And luckily, even the most ardent and disturbed pick-pocket in then world is unlikely to enter your junk-filled trunks in search of a smartphone or credit card to make a quick buck from.

Obvious negatives of wearing this as means to storing valuables is having the police called on you for some indecent act, as you reach into your trousers to grab your iPhone.

How to wear: Similar to traditional underwear… whichever way you find that most comfortable.


how to wear a money belt leather belt


Putting the belt in money belt, this time; an actual belt.

Cleverly disguised, this replica of a traditional waist belt includes a false back with a slit for you to roll up cash and slot in cards. So long as you’re wearing trousers, shorts or a skirt with belt loops, you’re good to go.

The only way in which this is particularly problematic depends on how tight your belt is, if it’s not tight enough you’ve got to undo it to reach in behind. Which, similarly to the underwear situation, done at the wrong place and wrong time could result in - at the very least - an embarrassing explanation to an officer of the law.

How to wear: Around your waist, through belt buckles.


So, now that you have more ways to hide your valuables than Batman has holsters in his utility belt, you’re ready to go out into the wild dystopic cities you’ve always feared, now with a newfound lease of security.

We bring you these ‘how to’ articles to help you solve problems that can arise in daily life. Therefore, your feedback is important to us, if you think our list is incomplete, or you have tried and tested any of these


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