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Planning a Trip to Your Dream Destination? Here are Some Tips on How You Can Save on Airline Tickets

By Ryan | Misc

save on airline ticket


​Making travel plans may seem like an easy thing to do, but the reality is that your dream vacation can easily get ruined by expensive flights.

Most travelers desire to reduce their airfare expenses so that they can have some extra cash to spend during their vacation.
However, the airline industry seems not to be so friendly when it comes to offering affordable ticket prices to their customers.

This is in consideration that airlines, just like any other businesses, are there to maximize their profits. As such, they have to charge you more at times, so that they can cater to various expenses while ensuring that they reach their target profit.
All is not lost, all the same, as you can save on airline tickets using the following tips:

​Book several weeks before the trip

save on airline ticket

​One of the best ways to save on your airfare is booking your flight early enough before prices go up.

This is true, especially for those who wish to purchase domestic tickets in different regions. Data from the Airlines Reporting Corporation suggests that one can pay as much as 10% less if they choose to book their flights approximately 50 days before.

Keep in mind, however, that this idea may not work in some situations, such as when an emergency flight comes up.

​Stay informed

​Different sites provide almost all kinds of flight-related information which can be so much useful for someone who wishes to catch a flight to their vacation destination.

The best thing about these sites is that most of them update this kind of information regularly so that you decide which deal works best for you.

Secret Flying, Thrifty Traveler, and Airfare Watchdog post the best deals several times each day while supplementing their posts with Twitter and Facebook posts.

That way, it’s so easy to get a deal that will attract your interest.

​Get free alerts

save on airline ticket 2

​Most online flight booking sites provide their customers with alerts to help them stay informed when prices become affordable, depending on their preferences.

Such information is always available from resources such as Hitlist, Secret Flying, and The Flight Deal. In addition to getting free alerts from different resources, you can also read flight reviews on various sites. That way, it gets easier to access safair cheap flights and other cheap flights from SA-Airlines or any other website that you prefer. 

Besides, you are always in a position to make better decisions when you consider the experiences of other travelers.

​Befriend your target airline

save on airline ticket 3

​You should always target budget airlines since most of these offer cheaper tickets compared to full-service airlines.

These tickets, however, comes at the cost of reduced legroom, lack of free food and drinks on-board, and other factors depending on the airline you have chosen.

However, you can still save a lot of cash if you use this tip, compared to flying using regular methods. All you need to do is research and carefully scrutinize the offered deals to ensure that they don’t interfere with your comfort.

​Have adjustable plans

​Making plans while ensuring flexibility is also another thing that can save you a lot of cash during your flight. 

This is in the considerations that prices may change depending on whether most people are travelling at that time or not.

With flexible travel plans, you can always decide to fly at some other time as you wait for the prices to go down.

Volunteer when a flight is oversold

​There are times when an airline can decide to overbook a particular flight to cater for cases where some passengers fail to show up.

In such cases, even if one or more passenger fails to make it for their flight, the plane will always be at full capacity. If, however, everyone shows up, some passengers may be required to volunteer to fly on a different flight.

The good thing with such interruptions is that the passengers who volunteered are compensated with cash or even a free flight voucher. If you feel like you can spare some time, it can be a good idea to volunteer when a flight is overbooked.

​Fly out of a smaller airport

When travelling locally, it’s often advisable to fly out of a smaller airport as you are likely to get a cheaper deal compared to flying from a busy hub.

Another hack connected to this one is connecting flights, especially if you are not in such a hurry to get to your destination. This is in consideration that most non-stop flights are more expensive compared to connecting ones.

​The above-listed points are some of the most common ways through which you can save during your next vacation flight. There are also additional ways to save during your flight, such as carrying snacks, reducing luggage or compact packing, and others.

However, the tips discussed in this article should come in handy whenever you have a flight to book and want to save some cash.


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