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Best Swingers Resorts in Mexico That You Will Love

By Ryan | Destinations

swingers resorts mexico


You and your partner have had a tough year. You have both worked yourselves to the bone since your last summer vacation. It’s about time you took a break, to relax and unwind in the summer sun, on beaches and in swimming pools, and perhaps, just maybe, in the company of another couple or two.

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​Resort List & Ratings

What Is Swinging?

So, swinging then, for those that aren’t aware, is the rather liberating ideal that couples are not alone in their sexual endeavours with each other, and with consent, can explore other avenues of intimacy with alternate partners. ​

This can consist of couples ‘swapping’ with other couples, or other various scenarios in which couples connect with other people in the bedroom (or not, so the case may be).

Mexico, the home of tacos, Mayan temples, lucha libre and strict religious traditions, may not seem like the ideal location to enjoy a fortnight of hedonism and explore your sexuality, but you’d be wildly mistaken.

Mexico is a country which knows how to party like few others, with a dedicated peninsula designed especially for letting go of inhibitions in the form of the Yucatan.

So, with that being the case, let’s take a look at what the country has to offer in the way of safe places for you to fulfill your wildest fantasies, without compromising on a quality holiday. Here are some of the top swingers resorts in Mexico

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Best Swingers Resort in Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort - Unique Events

This nude-friendly resort is the perfect place for couples or singles looking to dive head first into the communal pool of swinging.

Based in the famous party town of Cancun, whose airport hosts international flights from the majority of the U.S.A and the rest of the world, you’re right in the thick of the action.

With bars, clubs, restaurants, world renowned beaches all a mere stone’s throw from one of the seven wonders of the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza , it’s a world-beating location for culture and hedonistic pleasures.

Should you be inclined to live out the full vacation within the confines of your resort, Hidden Beach Resort also has you covered. With a restaurant and two-bars on site, including the C’est La Vie Swim Up Bar for when you simply don’t wish to leave the poolside all day, this resort has your eating and drinking needs taken care of.

Hidden Beach loves to host events, from saints day celebrations, and other traditional holidays, such as independence day and the very specially Mexican Dia De Los Muertos, to their very own ‘Nude Canvas Weekend’, in which your body (and everyone else’s) transforms into a blank page for imaginations to run wild with.

With the above and its very own private beachside location, you can get your fill of sun, sea and sand without ever leaving the boundaries of the resort, or, if you utilise the room service, even the boundaries of the bedroom, or, you can choose to mingle with the other pleasure seekers in the city of Cancun and dance until dawn, either way, the Hidden Beach Resort has it all.

Temptation Resort Spa - The Largest

The self-proclaimed ‘Playground for Adults’, Temptation Resort Spa clearly understands its customer base and their needs. The seventy-storey resort boasts almost 430 rooms, meaning plenty of opportunity to meet those travelers with similar inclinations.

Now I’ll get the boring bits out of the way first – the website itself is super user friendly, with easy-booking and availability checks, and an online web chat assistant, for all of your most pertinent questions about the resort and the surrounding area.

So, now that’s done, back to the important stuff... Temptation Resort Spa’s ethos is built around fun and frolic, with its different facilities known as ‘Playgrounds’ , including their Sexy Pool, incorporating their trademark style of electric atmosphere and carefree attitude with poolside chill.

There's BASH nightclub, which hosts top resident and guest DJs until the early hours, also pay a visit to SHE aphrodisiac restaurant, where couples meet and culinary experiences are shared in the most sensual ways imaginable.

And finally, their beach area, where the natural blue hues of the water invite you to be at your most natural and topless bathing is wholeheartedly encouraged.

With Temptation’s location also set in Cancun, you also have the same opportunities for nightlife, culture and eateries as Hidden Beach, meaning your choice between the first two resorts just got a little tougher.

Desire Riviera Maya - Top Rated

This resort reinforces the swinging lifestyle with a Couples Only rule throughout the entire complex, which is not quite as fun for those who like to invite the single adventurer into their little world, but certainly provides a safe spot away from ogling onlookers, only there for a bit of eye candy on a lad’s holiday or spring break vacation.

A little bit more intimate than Temptation, with a 114 guest bedroom capacity, Desire still offers more than enough opportunity to meet and connect with similarly minded holiday makers, with X-rated whirlpool parties, their clothes optional beachfront, gourmet restaurants, provocative performances

Also the infamous Sin Room amongst a plethora of site-based spots and activities to explore and indulge in whilst sparking up a conversation, or anything else you and your partner have in mind, with other resort goers.

The guest rooms are designed with seduction in mind, with “spaces to awaken your senses”, and as with the other resorts so far, the website offers a glimpse into the steamy yet sophisticated set up to help you and your partner enjoy your break from reality for as long as you wish to be away for.

If you’re holidaymakers on a budget, Desire offers various monthly deals to incentivise and tantalise.

Traveling in July? The resort is giving you a 15% discount and a private striptease within the comfort of your own guest room, what about August? You get the 4th night of your stay for free, with a romantic dinner for two people included in the price.

The Mayan Riviera certainly offers a wealth of options when it comes to couples who share, with Desire being another to choose from in the Cancun area.

Intima Resort Tulum - The Least Crowded

Tulum based Intima is a pool loving swinger’s heaven, with expertly curated and landscaped pool and gardens, and, depending on the accommodation option you finally decide on, individual swim ups, splash pools and up to 4 person jacuzzis, if you so happen to meet some ‘friends’ to invite on in for some champagne and bubbles.

Intima is another Yucatan peninsula-set resort, with Tulum lying a little ways south along the coast from Cancun. Tulum is seen as more tranquil to the latter, but still offers plenty of hustle and bustle, if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for.

The beaches are unbelievable white sand and far less crowded than their Cancun competition, and with their very own Mayan ruins , boasting views overlooking the entire ocean, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more magical destination.

The resort provides advice on how best to see the ruins as well as information for visiting the local Mayan jungle, doing some scuba diving or taking part in eco-tours of the area, with Passions restaurant within Intima’s grounds offering diners traditional Mexican and Mayan cuisine, for those looking for the full monty of Mexican/Mayan culture on their vacation.


So, now all you and your partner need to do is decide which of these fine spots takes your fancy the most, and with various options and hidden surprises within each resort, that’s the most difficult choice of your holiday.

Ah, why even choose? Be greedy and book a nice long trip away at each of the four destinations. You’ve both earned it.

If you have any suggestions of other resorts you’ve stayed at, or have experience of the above resorts, why not comment and let our readers know your thoughts? Go on, don’t be shy.

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Best swinger resort in Mexico|You and your partner have been working so hard and now It’s about time you took a break, to relax and unwind in the summer sun. So, wait no more, check out my article about the best swinger resorts in Mexico that you will love.


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