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Top 10 Things to do in Hanoi with Kids: Exciting Options Here

By Ryan | Asia

things to do in hanoi with kids


For the information of the majority, Vietnam is packed with great activities for kids, and this is one of the reasons as to why most families would prefer to travel in this country. And for an exciting trip, why not consider the capital of the country – the Hanoi city? Indeed, there are many things to do with kids in Hanoi.

Aside from its traditions and culture, the said city is also famous because of its breathtaking sites like unique museums, historical monuments, and art galleries. There are also numbers of entertainment both traditional and modern for the kids. There is an assurance that your kids and the entire family will enjoy. 

Hanoi, Vietnam Overview

Located on the banks of the Red River, Hanoi is known as one of the most ancient capitals all over the world. It is a place wherein travelers could find well-preserved ancient pagodas, colonial buildings and unique museums within the center of the city.

Hanoi is a French-colonial city that is known because of its delectable cuisine, silks, vibrant nightlife and handicrafts and multi-cultural community which is made up of Chinese, Russian and French influences.

On the other hand, the tranquil countryside is a short drive way that features lush parks, traditional villages, and verdant mountains. For those first-time visitors, you might consider a travel guide that will provide the best accommodation, attractions, restaurants, shopping, transportation and more.

Indeed, Hanoi is an ideal place for families especially with kids that are planning for a memorable trip. Watch this video to know more about Hanoi, Vietnam.

When to Visit Hanoi? The Best Time of the Year

If you are planning to visit Hanoi, then you should know the best time to visit the city.

September to February is a lot cooler compared to the oppressive heat of the summer months.

You might also experience the celebrations of the Vietnam National Day during September and also the festive season as well as the Lunar New Year in February.

Top 10 Things to do in Hanoi with Kids

And now, let us consider some of the best things to do in Hanoi with kids. Indeed, you have wide options to consider and here are some exciting choices:

#1 - Water Puppet Show

This one is a popular and traditional performance of the Vietnamese. For numbers of years, it has been considered as a fascinating part of the local lives. It offers fun and informative features that would keep anyone interested even for hours.

The puppets are made from wood then lacquered and the shows are to be performed in a waist-deep pool. A big bamboo rod is the one that supports the puppet under the water, and it is being used by the puppeteers. They are normally hidden behind the screen as for controlling them. And this is how the puppet moves on the water.

The show is held in Thang Long water puppet theater, and there will be five performances every day. Tickets are available at doors, or you could book in advance through their contact numbers. This option will offer a fantastic way for the entire family especially the kids to have fun, cool off and keep fit. 

#2 - Hanoi Circus

Another great option is the Hanoi Circus which is an ideal for a day of family-friendly fun wherein travelers could enjoy live performances as well as simple fairground games along with the kids. This one is also referred as the Vietnam Central Circus that was founded in the year 1956 so considered as the oldest troupe in Vietnam.

The performances are being held on Tuesdays and Sundays featuring acrobats in vibrant costumes, clowns, and numbers of animal performances. There could also be fairground games that are within the premises, but the highlights of the show are the stunning light displays and gravity-defying acrobatic performances. 

#3 - Ho Tay Water Park

So, you think Hanoi city isn’t a beach town? Well, it isn’t true! Why not visit Ho Tay Water Park in Hanoi with your kids and have some fun in the water? The said water park covers an area about 35,500 square meters, and it is known as the most modern entertainment facility in the South-East Asia.

For adults, you can enjoy the 3 meters depth wave-making pool as well as the fast sliding lanes. And for the kids, they could be carried away by the colorful statues of the cartoon characters in the shallow pool as well as numbers of funny games in the area for children.

Besides, Ho Tay Water park has a food zone that serves fast food and some other stunning dishes for an empty belly after several hours of burning your energy. This water park is truly another awesome excuse to escape from the heat.

#4 - Kinder Park

Once too tired of moving around or heading to the landscapes with the kids, why not try a refreshing place for the children? Kinder Park is on the campus of the Ho Tay Water Park, and it is a place where the youngsters deep in the fresh water. For the adults, they could take some rest as they look after their kids.

You can also find an indoor playground that offers wide open space or a real world intended for kids. Another plus here is the presence of the helpful and friendly staff of Kinder Park. They are always willing to assist you once you are in need making the service of the park on top.

#5 - Ice-Skating in Savico, Megamall Hanoi

The Savico Megamall is considered as one of the largest shopping centers that you could find in Vietnam. Here, shopping isn’t only the thing available but also leisure, entertainment and dining possibilities too.

The construction of this shopping mall was completed in 2011, and it gained popularity locally. It has three floors, but you could find everything here including fashion, electronics, retail and household products.

This mall is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street that is roughly five kilometers from the Hanoi city center. Indeed, children will enjoy here since many activities will make them occupied all the time. A visit to the ice skating rink and the cinema could also be considered. 

#6 - Ethnology Museum

If you think that kids will be bored as you drag them around a museum and learn about the history of Vietnam well you’re wrong. Take your kids to the Ethnology Museum for them to truly understand the lives of Vietnamese. They will be interested and educated through a unique selection of the displays inside this museum.

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From suraark

The said museum is the home to hundreds of house models of the Vietnamese ethical groups. Furthermore, there are also thousands of historical objects, photos, agricultural tools and clothing collection belonging to the ethnic groups that are being exhibited in this museum.

Ethnology museum opens everyday except Mondays. Have a fun and exciting way of learning the history of Vietnam along with your kids.

#7 - Nghia Do Park Playground

This one is a newly established playground located in Hanoi having a total area of nearly 50, 000 meters. The kids will be mesmerized by its natural surrounding as you lay on the grass and take a deep breath of the refreshing atmosphere.

This place is not a busy and noisy place at all allowing you to have another look at the life in Hanoi. Your kids will enjoy at the same time you will have the time to relax. 

#8 - The tiNiworld

The first recreational as well as educational center in Vietnam that offers an extraordinary model of amusement and breeding in parallel. Now, it becomes an entertaining as well as an intriguing playground for the kids. They will love to come and spend the entire day here.

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From vuhung

There are many numbers of games and activities for the children from 2 to 12 years old. The classes and activities are designed in order to help the kids improve the soft skills like cooking, team work, painting and more. Children will be educated and creative. 

#9 - Ionah Show Hanoi

Another remarkable thing to do once in a journey with kids in Hanoi city is to experience the Ionah Show. It offers a stunning display of music, dance, visual, circus, lighting effects and 3D mapping that depicts the journey of the young girl and her lover.

This theater performance is being held at Star Galaxy Theater and Convention and is the same to the famous Cirque du Soleil since it is performed by a troupe of the 60 acrobats that are dressed in fantastic costumes. The kids will indeed love this performance that is divided into three acts.

Ionah Show is held every evening of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You and your kids should expect many traditional and modern dance performances, well-designed set pieces and theatrical arts within the 90-minute show. And you can also chat and take some photos of the characters after the show.

#10 - Cyclo Ride

If you want an unforgettable experience during your trip in Hanoi, take a cyclo ride around the old quarter. Cyclo drivers would still have their way to slowly move enough so that you could catch the beauty of the whole 36 old famous streets.

Rather than taking your eyes on kids all throughout the day, you can take a comfortable seat along with your kids on the cyclo and observe the life of locals. But, don’t get on the cyclo up until you come up with a right price.

These are some of the best things to do with your kids in Hanoi and enjoy an unforgettable and exciting experience.

Travel to Hanoi with Kids: Some Tips to Consider

Vietnam, particularly Hanoi City, is a popular choice for most travelers. If you plan to have a trip to this place, I suggest some of these tips:

  • Carry enough water and snacks. Since Vietnam is very humid and hot, you always need to bring some water with you.
  • Prepare the kids for the toilets in Vietnam. Most toilets are squat toilet variety, and they would use a hose rather than using tissue for cleaning up. So, if kids aren’t used to this, you can carry packs of tissue with you. You should not forget including tissue once into backpacking with baby in Vietnam.
  • For adults, doing kids’ stuff is great. Since Vietnam is overwhelming, crowded and hot, you should spend some of your time doing the kids’ stuff. There are parks, play centers, beaches, water parks and playgrounds. There could also be cool performances and cooking classes. You should choose something that they would enjoy and look forward to.
  • As you travel along with children it is advised to make sure that their stuff is complete. You can use the best kids luggage to ensure that you are able to bring everything that they need during the trip. 

Last Thoughts

Visiting Vietnam, Hanoi in particular, is a wise choice by families who want to let the kids experience something that is more than just exciting but more on educating them as well. Aside from the fact that kids will enjoy, even adults would have the opportunity to have fun and learn something too.

These top 10 things to do in Hanoi with kids are also great opportunities to spend more time with the family and to have more time to bond with one another therefore creating unforgettable memories together. Just don’t forget to be equipped with everything that you need as you go for a trip with your kids.

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